Krisalyn Dreams (krisalyn_dreams) wrote in cw_challenge,
Krisalyn Dreams

Challenge #7 - Hidden Palms

I know that this show pretty much bombed... But it was the summer release, so it deserves at least one challenge about it.

-You have until Friday July 20th 27th at Noon PST to get your submissions in.
-Your icons must not have been posted anywhere prior to the challenge, and may not be posted anywhere until winners are announced.
-Enter by commenting on this post with your icon as an image, and the url. See an example in the User Info.
-You cannot tell anyone which icon is yours.
-You may enter 3 icons.
-Your icons must fit LJ standards.

So I'm an idiot and had this post all ready to make yesterday morning, thinking I'd do it later in the day.. and forget to actually post it. Doh. But it's here now!
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