filmobsessed137 (filmobsessed137) wrote in cw_challenge,

Challenge #6 - Finales (Sorta)

To get us kick started, at the tail end of a season, I picked four caps, from four shows, from their final episode (except for Veronica Mars, for that I picked one from the second to last episode. tough.)

-You have until Wednesday June 27 Monday July 2, 2007 at Noon PST.We have enough entries to get your submissions in.
-Your icons must not have been posted anywhere prior to the challenge, and may not be posted anywhere until winners are announced.
-Enter by commenting on this post with your icon as an image, and the url. See an example in the User Info.
-You cannot tell anyone which icon is yours.
-You may enter 3 icons.
-Your icons must fit LJ standards.

Gilmore Girls

One Tree Hill


Veronica Mars
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